Hakomi Breakfast Club

Updated: Apr 20

Hakomi Breakfast Club is an informal practice group in the Hakomi method hosted by advanced students (over 40 training days) in Team Hakomi Norway, Mondays from 8.00 am-9.00 am (CEST) on Zoom.

We will first do a meditation together and then a "Loving Presence check-in", and then a sharing at the end.

To join the club is free of charge, but we would love a small donation to the association once in a while to keep the Zoom plan running (like the amount you give for a cup of coffee at a café). You don't need to have a paid Zoom plan yourself (only the host needs it) nor need to download Zoom (only follow the link).

We will speak English and/or Norwegian depending on the combination of people in the group. 

Follow the link below to sign up for receiving email with link to the Zoom meeting every scheduled Monday ( April 20-July 1) at 7.50 am (CEST).

For safety purposes we also send a reminder email with the link on Sundays. You decide each Monday if you want to click on the link or not:) And we start letting people in from 7.55 am (CEST).

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