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Oppdatert: 23. juli 2019

One of the amazing things about doing Hakomi is that it's a part of a big worldwide network (Hakomi Education Network). So people travels all over the world to practice:) We in Norway also get more and more participants from abroad, so we have some important updates on rules and tips on transaction.

Participants from Europe (both EU and non-EU):

When you've booked the workshop you will receive an invoice with the workshop fee and a 50 NOK transfer fee. And when you pay you use the option SHARED COSTS. This is because of new EU regulations.

Participants from outside Europe:

When you pay you choose the option OUR which means that you as issuer pays all the expenses. We will recommend you to use TransferWise (app or online). A lot cheaper and faster than a regular international transaction. Watch the video below to see how it works:)

Remember to pay in NOK (not Euro). You can then risk to pay under (or over) the participant fee. If you don't do the transfer correctly, you have to pay the remaining amount in cash on the first day on the workshop. If you've payed to much, you'll get it back in cash (NOK) on the first day of the workshop.

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